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Low price
1. cheapness, inexpensiveness, cut rates, low, budget, or reduced price; sale, discount, depreciation, price war, going-out-of-business sale; drug on the market; loss leader; buyer's market; cutthroat competition; cheapening (See reduction).Informal, steal.
2. (low value) triviality, paltriness, insignificance; trashiness, worthlessness. Slang, chicken feed. See unimportance.
3. (no cost) gratuity (See nonpayment).Slang, freebee, comp.
4. (low-priced store) bargain basement, dime store, five-and-dime, five-and-ten; warehouse or price club; outlet store or mall.
5. bargain, good buy, loss leader, markdown, bargain, pig in a poke; irregulars, seconds. Slang, schlock, tawdry.
6. miser, cheapskate (See parsimony).Slang, schlockmeister.
1. be cheap, cost little; come down in price, be marked down; get or buy for a song; buy at a bargain, buy dirt cheap or at wholesale; get one's money's worth; cut (competitor's) throat. Informal, beat down. Slang, prostitute. See economy.
2. cheapen, mark down, depreciate, undervalue, underprice, discount; cut prices; deflate; come down in price.
1. (low-priced) cheap, underpriced, modest, affordable, low-priced; moderate, reasonable, inexpensive; worth the money, economical, cheap at the price, dirt-cheap; reduced, cut-rate, half-price, marked down, bargain-basement; depreciated, unsalable; shoddy, shabby. Slang, schlocky.
2. (of low value) trivial, paltry, insignificant; trashy, worthless. Slang, doodlysquat, ticky-tacky.
3. (having no cost) gratuitous, gratis, free, for nothing, without charge, untaxed, scot-free, free of cost, complimentary; honorary. Informal, on the house, dime a dozen; five-and-ten, nickel-and-dime.
Adverbs — cheaply, inexpensively; for a song, at cost [price], at a reduction, at wholesale, at a bargain, at a sacrifice; below cost.
Phrases — the best things in life are free; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys; why buy a cow when milk is so cheap; a sprat to catch a mackerel.
Quotations — Pile it high, sell it cheap (Jack Cohen), Two can live cheaper than one (Ring Lardner).
Antonyms, See dearness.

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